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String instruments are musical instruments which create musical sounds by plucking, striking, or else drawing a horsehair bow across a set of tensioned strings attached to a resonant instrument. Common examples, as members of the wholesale string instruments trade will know, include the guitar, harp and all members of the violin family. Even though the above instrument examples will be familiar to many, it should be pointed out that strung instruments have a long history in Western music and are also well known in other world-music cultures. Indeed, manufacturers of string instruments may also specialise in more niche areas, for example in the creation of replica medieval instruments, or to cater to individual musical genres, which have their own aesthetic and functional requirements.

There is a broad market for bowed and plucked instruments, especially for schools, child instrumental learners, plus a growing number of adults taking up music as a leisure pursuit. When researching string-family products it will be helpful to remember that many musical instruments, including items related to bowed and plucked instruments, can be found across in several linked sub-categories such as Bowed String Instruments and Plucked String Instruments.

Buyers can locate a broad selection of contacts in the string instruments industry. With a globally connected world, wholesalers have a very diverse selection at their disposal. From Chinese guqins to Indian sitars, to American electric guitars and West African koras, the end consumer has a broad selection at their disposal due to their very own curiosity and desire for new instruments to advance their talents with. Buyers seeking such international instruments, as well as local ones, can source the necessary contacts via

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