Bowed String Instruments

Bowed string instruments are a distinct group of musical instruments that are played with a bow to produce longer-lasting notes. Compared with strummed or plucked instruments, such as guitars and mandolins, a bowed instrument usually lacks frets and has f-holes in the body from which the sound escapes. Probably the most common bowed musical instrument is the violin, but such stringed instruments do not stop there. Violas, cellos and double basses – also known as contra basses – are all bowed string instruments, too. These instruments belong to the vile family and have a secure place in most orchestras, meaning the demand for these instruments reflects their popularity. Often sold for the educational market, sometimes half or three-quarter sized models are stocked as well as fully-sized ones, as the miniature versions are easier for children to play.

Stockists of bowed string instruments frequently keep other bowed instruments available, increasing the amount of choice they can offer customers. Sometimes these are electric versions of conventional instruments, such as the popular electric violin. Acoustic bowed string instruments from around the world are also usually sold via wholesale channels, too. These include the bowed psaltery, from the US, the leiqin and yehu, from China and the kemenche can yayli tanbur, both from Turkey. Often manufactured in countries other than from where they actually originate, buyers of these stringed instruments can keep up with all the latest trendy products using

It's not just the latest products which enjoy a steady demand. Given the historical quality of bowed instruments, professional musicians specialising in medieval music will want to try historic models. The bow, much like the rest of the standard instruments, has developed a great deal over the centuries, though many hold a passion for the feel and tone of replica historical instruments.

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