Plucked String Instruments

The music instrument industry is vast, and the plucked string instruments sector is no exception to this. Not only is there a wealth of plucked instruments to choose from, but the range of related accessories and services related to these instruments is also vast. The guitar is one of the more iconic plucked instruments, though similar instrument include the banjo or a lute, perhaps even a harp. Plucked string instruments should not be confused with bowed string instruments. The primary difference being that the musician plucks or strums a guitar string, for example, where a bow is used to produce sound from a violin, making it a different class of stringed instrument entirely.

The instruments themselves tend to be a long-term acquisition, whereas the accessories that go with said instruments have a much shorter life span and will often need to be replaced. A guitarist in a rock band, for example, can go through dozens of plectrums (guitar picks) in one show. This makes the market for plucked string instrument accessories a very profitable one. Furthermore there are many services built around plucked instruments. Whether it be the crafting of a one of a kind zither or beginner guitar lessons, there are many services in demand. is a useful resource for buyers in need of music industry suppliers.

Many stringed instrument suppliers will stock a wide range of instruments ranging from drum kits to xylophones in a bid to offer as much of what might be needed as they can, though many suppliers specialise in plucked string instruments and will only stock them and related accessories. It can be tricky to keep up with all the latest information in this market. allows buyers access to this kind of information.

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