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Wind instruments produce musical sounds as vibrating air passes through them, mostly as a result of the player blowing into the instrument, though some folk pipes also utilise bags or pumps. Wind-family instruments have an incredibly long history, and many who trade in blown instruments will perhaps be aware that primitive examples were used by prehistoric man. Those who play, enjoy, or trade in other wind instruments will be pleased to know there are sub-categories covering Brass, Accordions, Harmonicas, Ocarinas, and Wood Instruments.

As with all musical instruments, items from the wind family also often rely on intricate mechanisms in order to work correctly. High-quality instruments especially demand the correct care in order to function as they should. In addition to the wind instruments themselves, traders in this industry will have to ensure they have access to a varied selection of instrument accessories, parts, and wind-instrument care products.

Those with broader music-industry connections, who perhaps are looking to find wholesale outlets for stocks of instruments from the wind and brass instrument families, will find there are plenty of music-trade buyers on Besides its role as a source of music instruments, is also a fruitful source of B2B contacts from both the supply and demand sides of the market.

A search on will reveal manufacturers of affordable instruments suitable for beginners, as well as premium instruments for professional performance. For specific requirements, the use of’s sub-categories, such as Brass Instruments, which includes the likes of trumpets, alto horns and tubas, will provide buyers with the contact details of these manufacturers, thus laying the path for strong business partnerships and growth. A business can only be as strong as the weakest link in the supply chain, making it all the more important to pick and choose the most appropriate partners.

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