Brass Instruments

There’s a long tradition in the musical world of using brass instruments. Also known as labrosones, they work by resonating with vibration from the user’s lips as they blow into a brass tube. The trumpet is perhaps the most iconic example of such an instrument, while the tuba, trombone and euphonium are close behind as favourites of the big band. Buyers seeking brass wholesale will readily find a brass supplier or brass manufacturer at

These instruments have a broad appeal, commonly taught in schools and used in most bands. Traditional brass bands have dedicated members who may own several instruments. Brass instruments are even getting increased use in popular music, with pop punk bands using them for uplifting instrumental sections. Even single note brass variants, such as the bugle, still get considerable use as a novelty or specialist instrument.

A typical brass manufacturer will produce a range of instruments, all of them potential investments for a buyer of musical supplies. The trumpet is a classic instrument which can be found with any brass supplier, as an iconic fixture of brass and jazz bands. This is often the first example given of a valved brass instrument, which uses valves to change the instrument’s length and vary the notes. French horns and sousaphones fall into the same category, while trombones are instead considered slide instruments but are equally available from a good brass manufacturer.

Brass tends to be favoured by fans of other wind instruments, such as woodwind and harmonicas, or even harmoniums, which use wind via bellows. They are a family of much loved instruments which produce a very recognisable and versatile sound.

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