Although they are seldom used in orchestral settings, harmonicas are classified as wind instruments alongside brass instruments and harmoniums. All wholesale harmonicas use the same basic method to produce their sound. The instrument is placed in between the lips of the player who then either blows or sucks. This causes reeds held within the harmonica to vibrate, which is why many a harmonica manufacturer will choose to market their product as a mouth organ, especially if it has a bluesy sound to it. A series of holes that face the player's mouth allow individual notes to be played, however, many players like to blow into adjacent holes in order to create distinctive sounds, a technique that is particularly associated with diatonic harmonicas.

The harmonica wholesale market is dominated by diatonic instruments, but there are many other types, for example the chromatic harmonica which can play all notes, not just those in a certain key. Other common versions of the instrument that a typical harmonica manufacturer will make are called tremolo and octave. Even bass harmonicas are manufactured, although the market for these larger instruments is relatively small. Instruments from a variety of suppliers or manufacturers can be sourced using the productpilot.com site.

Wholesale harmonicas are often sold with accessories so that the instrument can be used in a wide range of settings. A good example of this is the so-called bullet microphone, which a player can cup when holding onto their harmonica at the same time. This can create a distinctly overpowered tone which is much loved in blues and rock music. In addition, harmonica racks are popular. These devices allow a musician to play their harmonica whilst performing another instrument, such as a guitar, at the same time.

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Our „Weltmeister“ brand is, surely, known to everyone all over the world interested...

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