Also commonly referred to as pump organs, the harmonium is a musical instrument with a keyboard laid out in a similar manner to a piano. Similar to other wind instruments, such as didgeridoos, recorders and brass instruments, the sound generated is created by air flowing through the device. Originally designed as a smaller scale version of a pipe organ in the eighteenth century, the harmonium manufacturing industry only really took off in the late 1900s. A typical harmonium manufacturer of that time would have produced products which were destined for smaller chapels, where a pipe organ would be too costly or too large to fit. The early makers of these instruments supplied air flow by pedal boards which the player would force air into by raising and lowering their feet while they played. Today, a modern harmonium manufacturer is more likely to provide an electric pump which does this work, allowing the musician to concentrate on playing. Nonetheless, older-style harmoniums are still popular, so brand new instruments with both styles of air supply are to be found. For locating suppliers of both modern and antique instruments, productpilot.com can be used to find a harmonium manufacturer.

Although they are mostly associated with sacred music and hymnal accompaniments in the West, harmoniums have also been used in popular music. The Beatles used harmoniums in some of their recordings, for instance, thus popularising the instrument in rock and other genres. They are also widely used in Indian folk music where hand held versions, sometimes called shruti boxes, are used to create droning accompaniment. As well as standard sounds, players can change the voices of their harmoniums by adjusting the valves found on the larger models. To find out more about these instruments, traders can register with productpilot.com, where professionals and products meet.

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