Woodwind Instruments

Woodwind instruments make up a crucial part of the wind instruments group. Distinct from brass instruments and organs, woodwind instruments include many members of the flute and reed families. Suppliers of these instruments can be found by utilising the online portal productpilot.com. Flutes are among the most popular group and much used in orchestral settings as well as popular music. Flutes include instruments such as piccolos, panpipes and ocarinas. Reeds are made up of such instruments as the oboe, the bassoon, the clarinet and the bagpipes. Many woodwind instruments, as their name suggests, have body which is made of wood. However, they are also frequently constructed from metal, too. A good number of flutes, for example, are made from alloys that contain nickel, silver and gold. Saxophones, another popular woodwind reed instrument, are made often from copper along with other shiny metals. Saxophones are among the most popular woodwinds that are used in popular music, although their repertoire among orchestral pieces is much more select. They are common in jazz, rock, soul and dance music.

Although woodwind instruments are made up of a large number of musical devices, they can often be sub-divided into further categories. For example, clarinets are often sold as E flat models, but alto clarinets and contra-alto versions are also widely available. At the other end of the scale, contrabass clarinets can also be found. This approximately corresponds to the most commonly known of all saxophones which are sold, although E flat saxes tend to be called tenor versions. Available in specialist woodwind outlets as well as general music retail shops, woodwinds are also commonly sold in the educational sector, in the form of recorders. Traders in musical instruments can keep up to date with the woodwind manufacturing sector by registering with productpilot.com.

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