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The term 'Antiques & Collectibles' is generally understood to mean decorative objects which are valuable because of their age and therefore much sought after by collectors as well as by the general public. This description covers a range of products which extends well beyond antique furniture and carpets, and wholesale antiques traders tend to deal in items such as pictures, figurines, vases and smaller collectibles. Once dominated by small independent dealers, the nature of the contemporary wholesale antiques industry has gradually changed, largely thanks to increasing popular-media coverage. This has created a sizeable online market in which wholesale collectibles are regularly bought and sold. As a result, antique wholesale outlets which formerly relied on retail sales and wholesale collectibles bought at auction now find that the 'digital sector' exerts a powerful influence on the wholesale antique industry.

For those active in the antique trade, the real value of is the range of B2B contacts available. Both the supply and demand sides of the industry are well represented, which means that buyers and sellers looking to develop their national and/or international network of valuable business contacts now have a comprehensive resource to meet their needs.

The antiques and collectible trade has traditionally been dependent upon the availability of 'discretionary income', which would normally make it susceptible to economic downturns. However, the emergence of internet outlets has been a game-changer. Despite the recession, the steady growth of online purchasing means the industry can now look forward to sustained development within a stable market. Those searching for antiques and collectibles within will also find listings under related categories such as Arts, Gifts & Crafts; and Home, House & Garden.

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