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Design & designer products are unique and fashionable items made by talented designers to exacting specifications. A furniture design manufacturer, for instance, is a company that makes all kinds of furniture products for interior design companies, furniture stores and hotels. Antique furniture, including cabinets and desks, for example, are much sought after items.

Designer collectibles, such as picture frames, stamps, dishes and sets, as well as music boxes and vases have an enduring appeal for collectors. As these items are not mass produced, they will be created for a wealthy target audience.

Design and designer products are items which have been created by a well-known designer, or are not designed for mass production. As such, designer items – especially antiques and collectibles – are highly valuable. When it comes to older items, designer antiques will need to be cared for and carefully maintained so that they do not lose in value. Traders in designer antiques and collectibles should consider offering stocking up on specialist cleaning and care materials for their consumer market. Such preservation items can be bought on a wholesale basis, with being a useful resource for traders to locate suppliers.

As with all designer products, a lot of skill goes into the design of antiques and collectibles; first in coming up with a concept and them creating the product. In the case of dishes and sets, vases or sculptures and figures, for example, material sourced internationally often adds to an item’s value. Wise traders should be informed on the necessary marks and stamps which indicate an item is, indeed, an original design. There is also a market for imitation items, which can often be bought on wholesale, though these should be clearly marked as such.

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