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Wholesale glasses, dishes and cutlery for use in commercial restaurants and catering establishments need to meet the specific needs and requirements of food industry professionals. Whilst both domestic and commercial dinnerware must be functional and attractive, hospitals, office canteens and professional catering services have additional restraints such as safety, hygiene, durability and cost to consider. New and innovative materials mean that a cutlery manufacturer is not limited to stainless steel, nor a manufacturer of wholesale glasses to ordinary glass. Polycarbonate glass, for example, has the advantage of being almost unbreakable, yet it still possesses all the visual and tactile qualities of real glass. Ideal for wine, cocktail and other wholesale glasses in situations where real glass would be a safety concern, such as a party or crowded outdoor event, this type of glass is just as applicable to home use.

Wholesale dishes should be resistant to breakage and scratches or abrasions that spoil their appearance. Bamboo, commercial china, melamine and woven wood are just some of the popular options for wholesale dishes designed for commercial use. These materials are extremely strong and can be styled to suit any environment, from exclusive restaurant to street food stall. Wholesale cutlery on includes domestic, commercial and designer cutlery. Due to the resilient nature of stainless steel and other metals, a cutlery manufacturer can produce many styles and sets of cutlery that are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Well balanced knives, forks and spoons that sit comfortably in the hand and are pleasant to use can improve any dining experience. With such a wealth of choice, the right dinnerware solutions can always be found.

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