Napkins typically come in the form of a rectangle of cloth used for the purpose of cleaning one's fingers or mouth while eating. Napkins may sometimes be folded into various shapes and designs depending on the venue, and can also be accompanied by finery, such as a napkin ring. They may be referred to as a "face towelette", or "serviette". There are also paper napkins, which serve the same purpose but are intended to be disposable, and used only the one time.

Wholesale napkins tend to be plain, though a large enough order of wholesale napkins can still be customised to suit the buyer, one example being embroidered initials. A napkins manufacturer may sometimes handle such customisation, but not necessarily. In other cases, the napkins manufacturer will hand their product - a plain napkin - over to another party for any customisation before it finally ends up with the customer or a napkins supplier.

The market for wholesale napkins generally consists of businesses in the catering or hospitality industries, whether these are restaurants, hotels, or wedding caterers, for example. They can be manufactured with varying levels of quality using different materials. This includes paper napkins, which can be made with various levels of thickness, or "ply", depending on the quality needed. Cloth napkins are the superior product in terms of comfort and durability, but they involve far more work after the meal is done. Whereas paper napkins can be thrown away or, preferably, recycled, cloth napkins must be collected, cleaned, ironed, and re–folded for the next meal.

The market for napkins, from the production machinery that manufactures them to the supplier that sells them to the restaurant that ultimately uses them, is a big, and it pays to stay informed when trading in it. ensures traders can access to the latest updates from their napkin supplier.

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