Part of the wider food production industry, a beverages producer often makes a wide range of products, usually marketed under distinct brand names. One of the most common drinks, for example, is tea. Made from leaves that are usually picked in Asia, tea is then packaged, put into teabags and sold under a wide range of flavours and types by the beverages producer who may have several different brands under their name.

A typical beverages supplier will not just specialise in one type of drink, however, but offer a number of different ones, such as squash, fizzy soft drinks, coffee and hot chocolate. Nevertheless, the wholesale beverages market is split into two main types of products – those which are ready to drink and those which are not. Cans of drink and bottles tend to be stocked by wholesale beverages companies ready for the retail market, but a beverages manufacturer which sells ingredients – tea leaves, powdered chocolate and coffee granules, for example – tends to be geared toward the catering industry. Although a beverages manufacturer may serve both markets, the industry is often split in this way, with either dry or wet products, suppliers of which can be found using

With so many new drinks coming onto the market each year, buyers need to keep on top of the latest products to ensure their customers are offered the best new offerings. Wholesalers, catering purchasers and retail buyers can use to keep up to date with the innovations of a beverages manufacturer. Not only limited to the beverages themselves, it’s the packaging of iconic brands which has such consumer appeal. Wholesale buyers may consider purchasing seasonal beverage products to include in company gift baskets, for example, in order to meet a specific consumer demand.

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