Food is matter consumed by living creatures to provide energy and nutrition. Humans eat food in various forms, broadly categorised as plant and animal sources, in order to survive. Food provides several essential compounds for life, such as minerals, vitamins, protein and fat. The modern world uses a vast food industry to make meals available to consumers in shops, removing the need for the consumer to personally hunt or harvest the food. Eating fine food is often a social or recreational practise, with food being a popular gift item. Buyers seeking wholesale food suppliers can find a food manufacturer or food producer at

The right food wholesaler can provide a lucrative business partnership, for the simple reason that food is universally essential, popular and valuable. Food comes in countless varieties, with some forms being better suited to transport and logistics than others. Fresh food, for example, can be difficult to manage due to the risk of spoilage. Dried food such as pastas can be stored and moved over much longer periods, but typically demands a lower price.

Wholesale food options also include gift foods, produced by a food manufacturer for the gift market rather than as a grocery or essential. These items are usually fine foods, sourced from high quality ingredients and prepared with special means. Artisan cheeses are a popular example. With luxury packaging and occasionally additional items to complete the gift feeling, such as a branded pot or dish, gift foods have broad appeal as fun presents.

Items for the preparation of food also sell well, both as kitchen utensils and gifts, from knives to cooking pots. A gourmet gift can include gift baskets filled with various edible treats, beverages, spices & ingredients and can be sourced from suppliers at

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JuteGiftbag Pasta

JuteGiftbag Pasta:   250g shaped pasta (f.e. heart, grape, x-mas, rabbit....) delicious...


PT. Agar Swallow

PT. Agar Swallow is an Indonesian company with experience of more than twenty five...



The unique taste of Marou chocolate comes from the quality of the cacao beans that we...


Azzar AG

For over 45 years we have been producing and delivering Swiss quality Forming- and Portioning...


No Fat Meat Vegetable Tempura

No Fat  Meat  Vegetable Tempura Revolutionary Tempura Coating made from meat and vegetable...


Bemis Company

Bemis Europe is a supplier of flexible packaging used by leading meat and cheese...


Shaped Pasta

Pasta in different shapes, f.e. bycicles, hearts, teddy-bears, butterfly, horse, rabbits...

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