Sauces & Oils

Sauces are any liquid or cream used to season foods. Sauces are either added as an aside to a dish or incorporated into it to provide more flavour and moisture. Sometimes the sauce is an essential ingredient in the dish, or a purely optional addition. Oils can be animal fats, or from plants or synthetic sources. They can sometimes be eaten like sauces, such as salad dressings, but are also often used in the cooking process. This means that they are not eaten directly, but do pass on their flavours to the food. Both sauces and oils are popular additions to meals, from everyday home cooking to fine dining.

Buyers of wholesale oils and wholesale sauces will find a sauces manufacturer at With the widespread adoption of sauces in cooking, both at home and in the restaurant industry, they make a strong wholesale option with high demand. Naturally, they are also consumables which must be frequently replaced.

Sauces come in many varieties, with one distinction being those used in fine dining and those used every day, both of which can be produced by a sauces manufacturer. Common sauces include mayonnaise, tomato ketchup and barbeque sauce, which are reasonably versatile and can be added to many different dishes. These items are popular because they don’t require any special cooking technique and can be bought premade. Finer sauces like béchamel are used more cautiously, complementing certain flavours.

Wholesale oils can include salad oils or cooking oils, which vary considerably based on their sources. Modern cooking oils tend to focus on the health aspects of their ingredients. Sauces and oils are both popular retail items, often branded, selling alongside foods, spices & ingredients. Retail stockists can contact suppliers using

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