Butcher Equipment

Part of the meat processing industry, including slaughter tools and packaging technology, wholesale butcher equipment is primarily aimed at retailers who add value to meat products by butchering it on site for customers. Although butchery is a skilled practice, which is often carried out in small outlets, many larger supermarkets also have need for wholesale butcher equipment, where the service is provided in store.

Unlike pre-packaged meat portions, which tend to be hermetically sealed and sold from chiller cabinets, butchered items are often sliced or cut up by a professional depending on the customer's particular requirement. This means that sharp cutting tools are one of the mainstays of wholesale butcher equipment. Butchery of all kinds is carried out with items such as stainless steel saws, boning knives, meat slicers and band saws. Nevertheless, there are many more products which are devoted to safety, for example chain mail gauntlets, splash proof aprons and head wear. Other utensils which fall into the category of professional butchery equipment include weighing scales, polytop butchers' boards and wooden chopping boards. Traders of butchering equipment and the necessary safety products are available to find on productpilot.com.

Although many makers of butchering equipment aim their products at the professional side of the meat processing industry, there are plenty of products which also find their way into domestic kitchens. Professional knife sets are often sold not just to butchers, but to caterers and restaurant owners, as well. In addition, sausage making equipment, including mincers and hand-operated sausage fillers, are commonly found being sold by top-end kitchenware retailers. Much like the knives that are used in butchery, suppliers of butchers' equipment like to remain at the cutting edge, often developing their products with new innovations.

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