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The food processing industry is a multi-billion dollar global marketplace; one which has enjoyed a constant evolution of its services and distribution structures over the years. Today's industrialised food processing facilities provide wider a choice of goods for lower costs; they afford their customers the opportunity to enjoy a richer and more varied diet possible. This entire global supply chain relies on the constant supply of secure and affordable wholesale food packaging in its daily operations, and suppliers of these packaging materials can be sourced globally at

Food packaging comes in many forms: from vacuum-sealed glass and plastic, to paper bags and wooden crates. The rate at which the food industry consumes packing materials is high and constantly increasing; for this reason, a typical food packaging manufacturer will favour wholesale food packaging solutions whenever they are available. It is the nature of the industry for each individual item to be packaged separately, ready for retail. Then, when these individual items are purchased as part of a larger order, they must also be bulk packaged, ready for shipment. Virtually every store-bought item has been transported inside a packaging product at one point in the supply chain.

Understandably, any food packaging supplier at who is able to provide high quality products with price incentives on these bulk purchases of their stock will attract a larger number of customers. Every successful food packaging wholesaler within the industry operates to a small-margin, high volume business model when they sell wholesale food packaging, and the smallest price differences can be vital to winning customers and enjoying a greater market share. Equally, from a consumer-side of the market, finding a food packaging supplier who is able to undercut the unit price of their competitors even marginally can mean discovering a great saving for the client.

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