Used to refer to a particular profession or hobby requiring certain skills and knowledge, a craft can be both a creative and specialist endeavour. The resultant production and/or repair and maintenance of goods and services is most often on a small scale. Handicraft, an alternative term also used, specifically identifies the process as relating to goods made entirely by hand, or perhaps with simple hand tools.

The emphasis is always on traditional methods of production, and the output is usually decorative or culturally significant objects which are often highly valued because of the individual human effort involved in their creation. Those pursuing handicraft pastimes often purchase their materials from a craft supplier who in turn will obtain his own stocks from a craft wholesaler. The diversity and popularity of craft activities can be gauged by the extensive listings on Though these are, of course, concentrated under the parent category Arts, Gifts & Crafts, craft-related products and services are well-represented in other categories too.

The world of crafts has options for all age groups and capabilities, and many crafts have a long enduring tradition. Pottery making and calligraphy are crafts which have been practiced since ancient times and still prove popular amongst crafters today. Whereas glass works and leather works, for example, will require some safety equipment and specialist knowledge, there are some crafts, such as sewing and basket and wicker work, which are easily accessible for amateur craftsmen. Common to all crafts is the need for quality supplies and suppliers, such as which can be sourced using

Additionally to the crafts themselves, retailers may find that stocking craft information as well as user guides a useful way to broaden their target audience. For suppliers of these materials, as well as services for printing and distribution, the database can help.

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