Bookbinding is the process of creating a book by binding the individual pages together into a spine. Typically, bookbinding is performed by sewing the pages together or using adhesive, with the latter being more common in mass produced paperbacks, before attaching a cover. This process is increasingly automated in the modern world, but still has wide renown as an artistic endeavour. Those looking for a bookbinding service or bookbinding supplier will find options at

The binding process is highly specialised, requiring a great degree of skill and patience. The best bookbinding service will produce books that are not just sturdy and practical, but works of art. A well bound book is an item of beauty, often cherished for decorative appeal. Bookbinders use a combination of other crafts to produce these books, working with leather, fabrics, and traditional wooden tools. Finished products range from simple paperbacks bound in adhesive for mass production, to leather bound hardbacks with hand-printed lettering and fine stitching. In both cases, quality is essential to the sale of the book. A bookbinding service furthermore applies to textbooks and company documentation as much as fiction titles and traditional literature.

Traders seeking to supply craft enthusiasts with the materials to practice amateur book making will find a bookbinding supplier at These suppliers offer the tools required to bind books, along with the constituent parts and accessories. Many books feature metal caps on the corners, which can be obtained in a variety of sizes and designs to suit the maker’s taste. A bookbinding supplier is a great contact for a trader in craft products. These items are marketable to purchasers of other visual arts, decorative crafts and leatherworks.

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