The craft of calligraphy involves the artful skill of elaborate hand-writing with specific pens, brushes and inks. As a craft, calligraphy has a very rich history, though the appreciation of this art form has remained constant throughout the centuries. Wholesale calligraphy products are manufactured for this specialized craft to create intricate and beautiful lettering on items such as wedding stationery, religious paraphernalia, scrolls and invitation cards, graduation certificates and other related documents. Calligraphy ink, pens and nibs make for ideal gift set items for hobby craftsmen. Depending upon the level of skill, different nibs are used to master different techniques and effects. Some calligraphy arts and styles, such as can be seen in Japan, for example, use a brush tip to the pen, rather than a metal nib. Manufacturers and suppliers of calligraphy services and associated products can avail of promotion and publicity opportunities via

A calligraphy service provides unique inscriptions which allow for creative expression and design in the written word. Descriptive font, graphic and logo designs are used in the contemporary wholesale calligraphy craft, and proficient experts provide a calligraphy service to stationery shops and stores. Wholesale calligraphy products are manufactured to cover a multitude of memorable events and special occasions. As a visual art, the craft of calligraphy can be incorporated into many other goods and products, too, such as books, diaries, and other articles that can be personalized and decorated. Modernized embellished scripting has benefited from information technology which provides many styles and configurations in font choice. There are many associated products and crafting kits in the craft business world and the art is practised for both commercial and habitation and living purposes.

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Rubinato s.r.l.

The story of the Company’s success started with the long lasting family tradition...

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