Moulding Technology

Moulding is a popular hobby among craftsmen, holding special appeal for children, too. Moulding technology allows for the relatively easy creation of detailed objects using little more than a mould casing set and a mould mixture. The mould casing can take a number of different forms, such as two halves of a design that are pressed together to fill with the mixture and simply pulled apart when the mould is set, or a flexible rubber mould casing that can be peeled off when ready. A mould mixture, such as latex rubber, or plaster, is then poured into the casing where it then settles naturally into the shape, like water being poured into a container. It is then left to set. Once it is ready, the mould casing is removed and the mould can then be worked on further, cleaning or painting as applicable. Suppliers of the moulds themselves, or paints and other craft supplies, can be found at

The market for moulding technology products in crafts has become increasingly popular with the growing interest in home–made jewellery, and the success of many small businesses selling the products of their moulding exploits. Moulding technology is also used for the making of figurines that, depending on the person making them, could be meticulously painted to look as authentic as any store-bought alternative. Perhaps one of the most recognisable moulding products is that of hand and foot moulding kits. These allow new parents to take a mould of their baby's hands or feet that can then be framed and kept.

The market surrounding moulding is an interesting one. With more people choosing to turn their hobbies into businesses, the tools needed for moulding are ever more popular. Using, traders can ensure their product stock needs are met.

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