Sewing is the act of attaching two materials together with a needle and thread, in a process called stitching. Typically, sewing is used to create a useful object or garment from one or more fabrics. Stitching refers to passing the needle through the fabrics, back and forth, in special patterns that create a firm attachment. This craft is ancient and has advanced from bone needles with sinew thread to precision steel needles and a broad range of cotton and synthetic threads. Those seeking sewing services will find providers at, offering new business partnerships.

The widespread use of sewing has created a market for sewing wholesale and a sewing manufacturer can profit from producing machines, needles, thread and educational guides among many other accessories. A common use for sewing services is in the creation or repair of clothing. Sewing machines are used in the mass production of clothing, as these devices can vastly speed up the stitching process and allow factory production. On the opposite end of the scale, haute couture fashion relies on highly skilled hand sewing. Practitioners at the height of their skill can offer sewing services for great sums of money, creating bespoke items. High fashion often demands individual, custom made clothing that requires a sewer to produce unique, expensive items.

Sewing is also a popular craft pastime, as a hobby or part time service. This practise can be used for the creation of clothing for oneself, for selling or for clothing repair. High quality garments which suffer a rip or similar damage can often be repaired with skilled sewing. Aside from clothing, sewing services can produce bags and other fabric accessories. These skills are highly marketable, alongside textile crafts like leatherworks.

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