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Textile crafts include a wide variety of practices. Rug making, weaving, lace making, embroidery, felting, quilting, knitting, macramé, crochet and other art and craft techniques all utilise natural and synthetic yarns and threads in their creation. Textile crafts serve both a practical and decorative function, often as useful household items or unique pieces of clothing. There has been a resurgence of interest in traditional crafts in recent years, as many consumers look for alternatives to disposable culture. This trend continues to grow, as other considerations, both ethical and environmental, influence how shoppers make their choices. Once upon a time, these crafts were considered niche products, but global e-commerce has radically changed the consumer landscape and such items are now easily accessible online. Traders from productpilot.com are globally available to ensure business needs for textile crafts are met.

Along with textiles, craft workers specialising in pottery, sewing, wickerwork, woodwork, glass work and other traditional crafts produce innovative and exciting products that combine heritage with a contemporary design aesthetic. Clothing and accessories made of mohair, alpaca, cashmere and silk convey luxury, and when combined with artisanal production techniques their aura of exclusivity is further enhanced. Cotton, linen and hemp exude quality and durability, and organic clothing and home textiles made from these materials are now a familiar sight on the high street. Craft textile products for the home, such as placemats, napkins, cushions and throws are popular gifts because care has evidently gone into their making. Soft toys made of wool and felt are just as likely to be found on a living room sofa as they are in a small child’s bedroom. Colourful, fashionable, dependable, original; there are many good reasons for choosing traditionally made textile products, and the suppliers at productpilot.com ensure businesses get the products they need.

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