Crafting Materials

Crafting materials are craft supplies regularly used by hobbyists and craft professionals, and are often obtained via a retail craft supplier. The retailer, in turn, will secure his own wholesale supplies from an extensive international range of manufacturers and other providers. The items which can be considered as crafting materials are as diverse as the crafts themselves, and often range in cost depending upon the craft and the crafter’s ability. With paints and inks available at a range of prices for amateur through to professional needs, for example, the more exclusive craft materials, such as ceramics, may be more costly.

The range of materials needed for each craft also varies. Taking woodcarving crafts as an example; the woodcarver will often require a supply of small quantities of exotic hardwoods and softwoods from around the world, as well as ancillary sandpapers, polishes and finishing materials. In addition, he may also be required to purchase other consumables such as various types of knives, blades and scrapers on a regular basis.

The same will, of course, apply to other crafts and pastimes, so any suppliers stock of crafting materials may carry wholesale quantities of willow for basket weaving; paper and card for papercrafts; writing tools, nibs and inks for calligraphers; needles and punches for leathercraft; and wool, needles and lace for knitting and crotchet experts. Suppliers of these and similar items, including wholesale supplies, can mostly be found on under the parent category Arts, Gifts & Crafts.

Crafting materials can also be marketed as gift items. Especially during seasonal periods, retailers do well to have contact to wholesale suppliers of crafting basics, such as papers, coloured card, scissors, paints and pens, as home-made gifts and cards are often popular. Use to source crafting material suppliers.

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