Foam Rubber

Wholesale foam rubber is made by mixing natural or synthetic, usually polyurethane, or natural latex with various other ingredients, including a blowing or foaming agent. The purpose of the blowing agent is to create a mass of small bubbles in the liquid mixture. The foam rubber manufacturer controls the foaming by adjusting the amount of water in the mixture, or by adding substances, called surfactants, to reduce the surface tension. can be used to identify traders of foam rubber for any industry supplies.

During manufacture, chains of liquid polymer molecules in the mixture cross-link to form a three-dimensional structure, or matrix, containing small, closed cells full of air. In fact, wholesale foam rubber is typically 85% air and 15% air, which is what gives the finished material its characteristics. Foam rubber is a flexible, porous substance, which can be treated with sulphur and heat, or vulcanised, to increase its durability, elasticity and strength. A foam rubber supplier may offer foam rubber with a continuous profile for making laminates or cut and moulded into various shapes.

Hundreds of domestic, commercial and industrial products use wholesale foam rubber, largely because its properties of comfort, durability and support. Polyurethane foam rubber is popular in the home furnishings market, where it is used for padding furniture, mattresses and pillows. A foam rubber manufacturer may also bond, or fuse, foam rubber to textiles, which can be processed with various silicon treatments to increase water resistance. Polyurethane and latex foam rubbers are popular in resilient, water-repellent garments, such as coats. Other applications of foam rubber include motor vehicle seats, cavity wall insulation and footwear. introduces manufacturers and traders to all the available markets for foam rubber and foam rubber products.

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