Pearls are small, round objects formed within shelled molluscs, harvested for their beauty and value. Pearls are made of calcium carbonate and are naturally created by the soft tissue within molluscs. The iconic and ideal pearl is round and white, but many other colours and shapes are formed too. Natural pearls are considered to be as attractive and valuable as gemstones, though synthetic imitation pearls are also used throughout crafting as a cheap alternative.

Buyers of wholesale pearls can find a pearls manufacturer with stocks of craft and decorative pearls at Most real pearls are now obtained in a controlled environment, wherein people effectively farm captive molluscs for their pearls. Truly natural pearls obtained in the wild are extremely rare, especially in the ideal round form, though this is why they are also extremely valuable.

For the purposes of the textile industry, synthetic imitation pearls are far more commonplace. A pearls manufacturer will use a wide variety of materials to cater to different price ranges. Buyers of wholesale pearls can therefore choose a type which appeals to their chosen market. The most basic pearls are plastic beads, used in budget clothing and jewellery. Better pearls with more weight and aesthetic appeal include glass and alabaster cores, coated with a pearlescent outer layer to simulate the look of natural pearls. Mother-of-pearl is the iridescent outer coating of pearls and some other shells, making the process comparable to gold plating. Imitation pearls benefit from a choice of colour and shape. A pearls wholesaler can sell to stockists of craft materials for people who wish to make their own jewellery and garments, or they can supply clothing manufacturers. Other craft commodities that can pair with pearls include wool and ceramics.

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