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Printing materials is a category of materials used for reproducing images or text, either by means of a set "template", or via a digital printer. Traditional printing involves setting up a template by locking "movable type" into place on a bed. This template will consist of a single page of text and once set up, it is placed in a printing press and inked. It is then pressed against the desired printing materials, typically paper, producing a printed page. Printing presses are most frequently set up in such a manner for extended runs where a large number of copies are required and can be used to gain access to suppliers of these office essentials.

The advent of digital printing has allowed for more printing materials to be used. Though paper is still the most common material, digital printers have been manufactured to print a wide variety of materials, from cardboard to vinyl. In more recent times, 3D printing has become an increasingly popular medium. 3D printing brings with it a whole different set of printing materials. While printing presses and digital printing use essentially the same print medium - a flat sheet of material - 3D printers use a different form factor altogether. 3D print materials typically come as spools of printable wire which is then heated and laid down in layers to build up a 3D shape. It is also possible to print electronic circuits onto various print materials, a process that is far more cost-effective than the more traditional methods of producing circuitry.

In these fast moving times, any technology is subject to the tide of change. Printing technology is no exception, and traders in this market need to stay up to date. On a global scale, offers the database of traders and suppliers in the printing materials market.

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