Woven Fabrics

Fabrics are flexible materials comprised of small fibres, synonymous with textiles and cloths, typically used in creating garments. Woven fabrics are a sub-type formed by weaving. This process uses a loom to interlock two threads, one being called the warp and the other called the weft. This method produces certain characteristics in the fabric. Woven fabrics are tough and only stretch diagonally, though they are vulnerable to fraying at the edges. Weavers are valued for their skills, even in the modern world where looms are largely automated. Buyers of wholesale fabrics may consider a partnership with a woven fabrics manufacturer at productpilot.com.

These materials have many uses, largely thanks to their relative durability and resistance to stretching. Outside of making clothing, woven fabrics can be used in tents, banners, parachutes and even in medical gowns.

A woven fabrics manufacturer will likely make fabrics both for clothing and more practical uses. Woven fabrics are sometimes incorporated into clothing with other fabric types. For example, specially treated woven fabrics are used for collars, cuffs and waist bands because they have the stiff qualities needed, but a softer material is then used for the rest of the garment. The same stiffness is useful in providing structure to fabric items like dresses and bags, or even for curtains and upholstery. This capitalises on the denser structure of woven fabrics.

Denim is a great example of the usefulness of woven fabrics as a tougher alternative to knitted fabrics, because denim jeans are very resistant to wear. Elastic fibres can be added to allow the material to stretch a little more. Woven fabrics can be marketed to clothing makers or craft hobbyists, alongside yarns and threads. Wholesale suppliers are available for businesses worldwide on productpilot.com.

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