Crafting Supplies

Crafting supplies are stocks of materials used for handicraft purposes by hobbyists and craft professionals. Purchased by retail craft suppliers in wholesale quantities, crafting supplies are a necessity for those following craft pastimes who might otherwise find certain specialist tools, equipment and materials difficult and expensive to source on a regular basis.

Taking the fisherman's craft of fly-tying as an example, the fly-tyer requires a range of exotic bird feathers, animal hair, and furs plus a range of synthetic fabrics, cords and threads. Most important of all, the fisherman needs a special fly-tying vice to secure his creations during assembly. The requirements are similar for many other crafters, and novices in particular are often advised to purchase all-inclusive craft kits which craft retail specialists can also buy-in wholesale. A range of crafting suppliers providing products such as glues, blades and wedges, punch boards, pen nibs, stickers, wood stamps and much more can be found on

Crafting supplies often make suitable gift items. Especially when it comes to seasonal periods, retailers can easily create specialist craft gift sets when the individual items are purchased in bulk or on a wholesale basis. With suppliers of artist paper, stamps and stickers to be found wholesale on, it’s possible for retailers to create their own craft sets specific to their target audience.

Certainly, traders in crafting supplies will face constant demand for the essential crafting items. Adhesives are created for a range of different purposes and art forms, with varying strength, too. In order to meet specific consumer demand, traders do well to have a number of contacts who can provide a range of artistic supplies, such as can be found at

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