Adhesives are a broad range of substances which bond materials together. Adhesives range from cements used in construction to glues used in the home. Since civilisation began, humans have used natural adhesives in the making of clothing and tools. With developments in chemistry, synthetic glues became a common household and industrial item. Many modern adhesives are plastic based and are designed either to permanently bond two items, repair goods or seal buildings against the elements. Lighter adhesives are used in crafts and hobbies for semi-permanent bonds. Buyers seeking an adhesives manufacturer with suitable wholesale adhesives can find one at

An adhesives supplier must be chosen with care to reflect the applications required. Some manufacturers provide only industrial adhesives, some only household glues. Industrial adhesives include structural bonding agents, anaerobic sealants and much more. They have various applications, such as bonding joints for construction or machine parts, while protecting them from weather. These products are easily marketed to both large construction companies and small building firms, plus DIY enthusiasts, as an essential step in many building projects.

An adhesives manufacturer will also offer home adhesives like craft glues, intended for hobbies and decorative projects, along with stronger repair glues. These are useful for repairing broken ornaments and similar items. Both types of glues are often seen as an additional item alongside craft or DIY products, suited well to point of sale displays.

Adhesives are a common part of office supplies and go well alongside labels, notepads and cutting tools, as useful items for paperwork and displays. Especially where craft supplies are concerned, it’s possible to find special adhesives suitable for use by children. Craft shops may consider selling them with craft kits, artist paper and stamps and stickers for scrapbooking.

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21303: Love wood stickers: perfect for scrapbooking and card making


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