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An important crafting tool, the airbrush is made of four components: an air compressor, a reservoir of ink or paint, a nozzle, and a trigger. Airbrushing works by passing compressed air through a constricted channel that reduces the air pressure. The reduction in air pressure sucks the paint or ink from the reservoir. The velocity of the air nebulizes the paint into tiny droplets, which are then sprayed onto a surface. The amount of paint coming from the nozzle is controlled by the trigger. Due to the tiny size of the droplets, narrow nozzle, and finely-graduated control of the trigger, the airbrusher can produce an almost sheer spray that allows for a subtle blending of colours.

The typical airbrush manufacturer supplies a variety of industries and crafters, and can be used to locate suitable suppliers. Commercial artists and illustrators like the airbrush technique because it can produce detailed and realistic images, which are ideal for graphic novels, comic books, and advertising. Prior to the digitalization of images, airbrushing was used to retouch a photograph. The retouching of photographs lends itself to the age old political practice of erasing the vanquished from the historical record.

Airbrush wholesale supplies and airbrush accessories are also often sought by makeup artists working in the film industry, photography studios, beauty salons, and funeral parlors. Due to the fine spray of droplets, cosmetics can hide skin flaws without being obvious. The paint can be suspended in different mediums to achieve desirable qualities such as being waterproof, smudge proof, and long lasting. The airbrush wholesale supplier, dealer, and airbrush manufacturer need to keep in contact to exchange information on the latest colours and paint mediums, as well as to keep informed about new applications for the airbrushing technology. is a good way for businesses in the field to keep in touch.

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