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Artist paper comes in a wide variety of textures and compounds and is produced for commercial and domestic uses. Artist paper may consist of varying kinds of wood pulp, cotton and fibrous textiles and as with standard paper, artist paper is available in a range of quality options depending upon the purpose it’s intended for. The production of this paper may involve many different techniques, many of which are crafts themselves; mould, by hand and machine made prototypes. This specialized paper can be used in the home as well as offices, schools, colleges, organisations and of course speciality art shops, though manufacturers for a specific intent can be sourced by using

As well as being a staple item for painters, this speciality paper has several other purposes. The arts and crafts industry has seen a renewed interest in home-based crafting activities, which include elaborate colouring books, painting by numbers and eco-friendly items that can be made for practical purposes. Art and craft making is a popular, creative pastime and many choose to indulge in this leisurely pursuit for relaxation. From a business point of view, speciality paper designed specifically for artistic uses will always be in high demand from offices and schools where it is utilized the most.

Artist paper is a useful resource when it comes to gift items and customised packaging, too. Handmade paper offers a unique alternative to mass-produced gift wrap and, therefore, may be especially suited to highly personal gifts. Indeed, retailers whose stock consists of popular gift items may also consider gaining access to wholesale supplies in order to provide their consumer base an exciting alternative range of crafty stationary. Finding suppliers and manufacturers of creative paper options is possible using

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140 gr crepe paper

Available different types as metallised and water resistant one. In a box there are n...


Altenew, LLC

Established in April 2014, Altenew strives to bring elegant, natural and versatile...


40 gr crepe paper

In a box there are n. 140 rolls one single colour. Each roll measures cm 50x250...


Ambar Ideias No Papel S.A

ambar: is a reference brand, renewed, customer-driven, strategically organized...


4g/4 g thick

4g The natural white cartridge provides excellent conditions for precise detail...


Angel Malma s.r.o.

The Company “Angel Malma” is proud to introduce new paper craft toys for children...


60 gr crepe paper

The rolls are available in one single colour and metallised ones. In a box there are n...



ART SELECT - our brands for your success For 20 years ART SELECT stands for the distribution...


A4 color paper

OEM ,customization  with your logo and the colors sequence your wanted 


Awagami Factory

‘Awagami Factory’ is a registered brand name for “Awa washi “, a brand of Japanese...


Bee Paper Stipple Texture Pad

Acid free 132 lb. (216 gsm) heavyweight paper. Uniquely textured, pebble like surface...


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