Candle-Maker Equipment

Candles are popular items indoors and outdoors. Created for a variety of uses in a number of different styles and designs, candle making is a time-honoured craft. The earliest candle-maker equipment was rolled papyrus dipped in beeswax or liquid tallow. During the Middle Ages, beeswax came to be preferred because it burned without much smoke. Today, candles can be made of stearin, paraffin, soybeans, palm, or gel and have various additives to make the wax harder or softer. Candles for domestic purposes have increased in popularity and now are used as décor, aromatherapy, and to cast a soft glow at special occasions.

The art of candle making has adapted over time to reflect developments in industry equipment, though traditional methods can still be used. Candle-maker equipment has expanded to include a large assortment of items. The most basic ingredients are wax and wicks. From there on, the candle equipment merchandiser has a wide choice of supplies available to represent the changing seasons and holidays, and for the personalization of candles. The basic categories for candle making supplies are fragrance oils, containers, molds, and dyes. More specialized equipment includes pouring pots, digital scales for exact measurements, and thermometers.

Candle making is a science. In fact, NASA brought candles on a space shuttle to learn about flame behaviour in microgravity. Part of candle-maker equipment is the knowledge of materials used in the craft; for example, some fragrant oils have a low flash point and will ignite when in contact with a spark. Safety is always a concern when dealing with an open flame, and candle-maker equipment suppliers at stock candle containers constructed of nonporous and non-flammable materials, additives to make wax stronger, durable molds to produce a stable candle shape, and appropriately-sized wicks.

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