Painting Accessories

Painting accessories are all the supplies needed for an artist to create a painting. The types of tools and materials depend on the medium the artist uses; for example, watercolours, oil, or acrylic are the most commonly used media. The surface on which a painting is drawn can also vary and as such specialised tools are frequently required.

Watercolour paper comes in individual sheets or as a pad, and in three different weights. The heavier the paper, the more texture the paper has and the longer it takes for the paint to dry. Watercolour paints come in two basic formats, pan or tube. Pan watercolours are manufactured as kits and are more suitable for the beginner as the amount of paint and colours are preselected. Watercolour brushes typically have a shorter handle than oil paint brushes and are made of natural and synthetic materials. Flat and wide brushes are used to cover larger areas, as in a wash, whereas round and pointed brushes are employed in detailed work. The quality of a round brush is determined by its ability to maintain a fine point.

Apart from paint and brushes, oil painting supplies include different sized canvases, paint thinners, palette knives and spatulas, and easels. The different types of oil painting brushes are round, fan, angled, flat, bright, rigger, and mop, and are available in natural or synthetic fibers, or a blend of the two. Although many colours are available in water-soluble oil paints and oil paints, the essentials are titanium white, cadmium red, ivory black, cadmium yellow and yellow light, cadmium red, and permanent alizarin crimson. Pre-treated canvas surfaces are available as canvas boards, oil paper, and framed canvas, all of which come in various sizes. Untreated oil painting surfaces are birch or Masonite boards and canvas by the roll. Stretcher bars, pliers, and canvas staple guns are used to stretch canvas and to prepare the frame.

Painting accessories cover a range of products used by artists and include brushes, colours, painting surfaces, and sundry items such as paint thinners, canvas preparations, and easels. Buyers and traders of painting supplies can locate the latest information from suppliers of painting accessories at

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