Unlike items such as writing and drawing tools, scissors and engraving machines, scrapers are often the unsung heroes of the crafting tools industry. This is because they tend to be used to remove unwanted material rather than to be genuinely creative. Nevertheless, they remain indispensable items for artists and those who take part in craft-based activities. Available from traders at, they are essential products for any craft shop or e-commerce retailer to offer. At its simplest, a scraper manufacturer will make a product which is designed to remove things like dried paint, adhesive and beeswax from a surface. Normally held between the thumb and forefinger, they can be used with a high degree of accuracy to work away any undesirable residue from either a finished item or a work surface, making it clean and ready to be used again next time.

For a typical scraper manufacturer, a hard wearing product is desirable, but due to the nature of their use, they all tend to wear out over time. As such, many will have a sacrificial element on one side – the part that does the scraping – whilst the other side is used to hold on to. This part can frequently have a rough surface or an ergonomic design which makes the product easier to hold and to control when it is in use. Along with removing clay from surfaces, some scrapers can also be used with clays in order to shape them accurately or to create effects in them before firing. Such products sometimes possess serrated edges so that distinctive patterns can be fashioned, as well. All sorts of scrapers and new approaches to their design are available to discover from the scraper manufacturer with the business platform,

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R.G.M. di Rosa Gastaldo Edoardo

Since its creation in 1961, RGM have manufactured high quality products for the fine...

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