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Candles are made from wax, with a wick running through the middle. The wick, traditionally made of cotton, draws the wax up to the flame, allowing it to burn and release light and heat. The wax can be set in moulds during construction or can be carved once set. It is also possible to add colours or fragrances to the wax, which gives the candles manufacturer a lot of options and a chance to be creative when making candles.

Candles were once only used as a practical object. In houses and public spaces alike, candles were the main source of light. They are also used in religious ceremonies and can be used to keep time, with certain size candles burning for a certain number of hours.

Now, the world of wholesale candles and candlesticks wholesale is very different. Candle manufacturer firms now focus on making decorative and scented candles. A good candles supplier will have a range of styles available, including tea lights, candles for candelabras and candles in self-contained glass jars. Anyone looking to stock candles can find varied designs, and their suppliers, with

Wholesale candles and candlesticks often appeal to the general public and are frequently given as gifts. This is also true of related objects such as tealight holders, candle sticks and oil burners which use heated oils to release fragrance. These different items may have different design features. They may work to shield the flame from the wind, catch dripping wax or simply add decoration. These items are also popular with public venues such as bars, restaurants and hotels. They can add ambiance and are often used in restaurants to evoke a romantic feel.

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