Seasonal & Holiday Decorations

The seasonal & holiday decorations industry is primarily focused on the marketing and products of the many and varied seasonal holidays. These holidays, while often religious in origin, are also commercial in nature. As such, the industry supports a huge market for seasonal products and services. Probably the most obvious product type related to the holiday seasons are the holiday decorations themselves, which are bought in large quantities every year from suppliers available on

Seasonal decorations are the most visible aspect of any festive holiday period, whether they are displayed on the outside of private homes, or around a town centre. Seasonal decorations are the face of the holiday. Though decoration suppliers will look to stock in bulk, they are not the only ones who look to purchase wholesale seasonal decorations; any large enough entity—be it a business, township, or municipality—that wishes to celebrate a holiday may seek wholesale deals on decorations for use across all their premises.

There is also a great deal of marketing and event management surrounding holiday decorations. Many retailers will decorate large portions, if not all, of their outlets in order to sell their products. The effort put into this themed decoration often depends on how significant the holiday is in the public consciousness. Events are often organsied, either in retail outlets or in public places, that tie in to the holiday itself, and entertainment scheduling may be altered to accommodate holiday themed content. The world of seasonal decorations can shift and change as much as the seasons themselves, and it helps to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry. allows traders access to this kind of information.

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