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Designer products exude an exclusivity which mass produced items can only mirror. Often created by a single designer, designer products in the arts and crafts world are often made by a single person or company by hand. These items are by their very nature one-off creations and have a selling appeal based on their unique qualities.

The crafting industry in many countries is a massive cottage industry, producing items such as candles, jewellery, pottery, ornaments, tee-shirt printing, handmade rugs, soft furnishings, and paper decorations. The range of materials used in the designer craft industry is vast, encompassing not only natural raw materials, but wholesale man-made fabrics too. Designers can acquire the materials they need, even on a wholesale scale, by utilising the database to locate a supplier.

Boasting a great appeal at seasonal times, designer craft items are often popular as gifts. Birthday gifts or anniversary mementos, and gifts for general special occasions are an enormous part of the designer market. Owing to the exclusivity of these items, they are ideal as very personal gifts for more private occasions, or when a high-quality gesture is called for. Whether manufactured by a big fashion house, or a single artisan craftsman, the product still needs to reach a base retail market. Arts and crafts designers can reach fellow traders by using, making sure their work reaches the appropriate target audience.

Designer gifts and crafts are something different to give away at special occasions, such as birthdays or weddings. As a gesture of appreciation or token of love, exclusive items are ones to be cherished. Buyers can use to locate the necessary contacts in this industry.

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