Designers for Craft

Designers for craft work in one or more creative fields, including fields such as pottery, ceramics, woodwork or embroidery, for example. As quality of design and an appreciation of craftsmanship and tradition are important considerations for an ever-growing number of consumers, the expertise of these designers and artisans make for a sought-after alternative to products conceived and manufactured by machine.

Whether handmade in a workshop or factory produced, craft products are made in smaller numbers or even as unique items and are perceived to possess more value and character than items produced on an industrial scale. A design commissioned by an internationally recognised or award-winning designer with a higher public profile adds to its exclusivity and desirability. Craft designers may also work to create beginner packs for novice craftsmen, too. Designers for craft producing a wide range of traditional and innovative products can be found on

A new generation of young designers and artisans has helped revive the commercial value of arts and crafts worldwide to a remarkable degree. Whilst maintaining a respect for traditional skills, such as calligraphy and leatherworks, young and upcoming designers combine the old with the new to produce exciting and inventive products of great originality. The ability of many designers for craft to work locally has many social and environmental advantages, as well as the fact that craft products are highly cherished items, making them ideal as gifts. In an age of mass-produced merchandise, these one-off designer gifts are a highly attractive and affordable alternative. As customers become more discerning in their tastes and more appreciative of quality, the role of craft designers in the global market is set to be an ever-greater one.

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