Devotional Objects

Devotional objects are special objects which are recognised as having a particular religious significance for the followers of certain specific religions. These types of article cover a broad range and include: statues and figurines, pictures and images of religious subjects, votive candles used in services and celebrations, amulets and beads, incense jars, crucifixes and similar. In addition, many books and other specialized literature have a spiritual significance for the religious faithful, and flowers too form an important backdrop to services in the churches and religious buildings of many faiths. A modern trend in devotional objects has seen the use of religious imagery extended to include the decoration of everyday objects such as cuff links, tie clips, key rings and laser-etched, household fridge magnets with religious scenes and symbols.

Devotional objects often carry a special significance and many are related to a set date or season. There are, however, also household or decorative items which are essential for creating a spiritual atmosphere when utilised with devotional items. Candles and candlesticks, for instance, and incense jars and sticks are important elements for many religious occassions. Such items can easily be sourced on a wholesale basis with the suppliers found on

Devotional objects are often highly decorative, and these aesthetic qualities make devotional objects suitable as motifs on jewellery, too. Religious crosses or other symbols can be used as pendants or embellished on rings, for example. Wholesale crosses or esoteric symbols, for example, are popular items even amongst the non-religious consumer base. Not restricted to jewellery and accessories, religious statues often make ideal interior decorations, with stone buddhas being one popular example. Using, traders can locate their wholesale devotional items suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that demand needs are always met.

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