Church Objects

Manufactured church objects are products designed and created for churches, synagogues, chapels, temples and sacristies. Church objects cover a broad spectrum of devotional products like candlesticks and candlestick holders, rosary beads, prayer books and pamphlets, crosses, statues, incense jars and other religious paraphernalia. Church related objects are often purchased for home use, as it’s the decorative appeal of these articles which contributes to a large and lucrative new market sector. The production and assembly of church-related goods is a thriving industry because of the constant consumer demand for religious and symbolically inspired items. Devotional articles like ceramic deity figurines, hand-carved crosses and crucifix' designed for wall decor, and even jewellery pieces have been re-worked to create costume jewellery. The traditional cross and chain is still a best-selling item in jewellery stores and retail outlets, and certainly, religious symbols prove to be popular motives interwoven in many other manufacturing industries, including household linen, stationery supplies, religious calendars, and even clothing trends. Suppliers of devotional items and similar products are available on

Spiritual symbolism has always been considered an important aspect to human civilisation, and devotional objects or church-inspired products are enduringly popular – even amongst consumers of a non-religious background. Indeed, religious objects and devotional items have an important role to play in education. For children to truly understand the significance of certain devotional objects, it’s important for churches and academic institutions to display and explain a symbol’s meaning, which is where wholesale devotional items are useful. Manufactured goods of a spiritual nature are being mass produced, using the best quality materials and textiles that meet the expected high standards of expedient workmanship.

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