Religious and devotional objects such as the traditional cross are popular products sought for purchase by churches and other related religious organisations, as well as airports and international academic institutions which provide room for observing holy rituals and moments of peace. The symbolic cross emblem has, for centuries, been revered and cherished by Christians worldwide. Wholesale crosses can come in many sizes, from the kind that can be worn as a piece of jewellery to larger wooden pieces suitable for wall hanging in the domestic home and places of worship. The wholesale crosses trade is intertwined with a variety of other lucrative industries that use materials including ceramic and clay based compounds, marble, and other precious stones, as well as various treated wood types. Across the ages, the cross emblem has been renowned for its significant reference to the Christ figure and modernized wholesale crosses incorporate more up-to-date designs and prototypes to meet the ever-growing demand for more innovative and attractive variations.

The cross has also been indoctrinated into many other business lines and is commonly recognised as a jewellery accessory, for example, popular amongst Christians and non-Christians alike. Jewellery and clothing manufacturers use the cross symbol in their design lines, and speciality religious/spiritual retail outlets stock variations of the cross symbol in the form of statues and figurines, candle holders, wall decor, Christmas decorations, stationery supplies for the festive season. Gifting accessories including cards and prayer books are common items that are purchased to celebrate special religious ceremonies; christenings, communions, confirmations and other special calendar occasions that mark a significant holy date. Wholesale crosses and related religious paraphernalia manufacturers can showcase their latest designs and lines through giving them an extra edge in this competitive marketplace.

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