Incense Jars

Incense jars are containers used for storing fragrant incense sticks, ground plant and flower residue, and other powdered substances that can be used to make incense. These versatile pots can be used for domestic purposes or as part of an organized spiritual or religious ritual; meditation, relaxation. Many religious beliefs require spiritual tools and aids that are part of a regular daily practice within the context of a particular religious creed. Some resins in the incense range which can be found on, can be used for prayer purposes, for instance to invoke good tidings, or perhaps to ask for protection or a special intention.

Incense jars are also used domestically as air fresheners for the home as they induce a pleasant aroma as well as a tranquil and peaceful ambience. Often incense jars come equipped with holes in the lid, where a stick of incense can be placed. Sometimes, a thick triangular tablet of incense can be placed in the bottom of the jar. When the incense stick (or wedge) is ignited it emanates a pungent scent and this can calm, sooth and comfort the senses. Typical (and popular) incense fragrances include Frankincense, lavender, patchouli and sandalwood, but extend to a broad spectrum of select oils that enhance an overall sense of well-being. Incense mason jars that are hand-made and commissioned by renowned artists and craft-makers hold a very high value. These antique items often glorified with a detailed finish, are highly desirable items sought by churches, temples, synagogues and other places of religious worship. Quality, crafted good in this category usually appreciate in value over time.

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