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Fashion accessories consolidate the overall look of an outfit and, together with clothes, are used to convey the wearer’s personal image. Social interactions are influenced by first impressions so fashion accessories are important tools to fine tune the wearer’s specific style. For example, during the day a banker wishes to give the impression of trustworthiness and dignity in order to reassure the clientele. The accessories the banker has to solidify the image are, among other items, shoes, a briefcase, and a watch. During the evening at the pub, the same individual may wish to evoke a convivial impression and requires a different set of accessories, perhaps a cap featuring the local football team’s logo and a scarf. What this means for the manufacturer and wholesale supplier of fashion accessories is a self-generating market because, starting at around age 12, everyone has an image to promote.

With an array of items that ranges from ribbons to walking sticks, matching supply to demand is a daunting task for the entrepreneur – especially when seasonal items are considered. In order to catch a trend before it crests, the successful enterprise needs a speedy access to current information on the global marketplace in order to locate the latest product proposals and novel outlets.

There is a multitude of dedicated sub-categories that help businesses find the contacts that they need to meet their specific requirements. These include, but are not limited to, Watches, Yarn & Ribbons, Belts, Hair Jewellery, Hats & Caps, Piercing Jewellery and Embroidery & Lace. Buyers of only a certain range of products can therefore easily navigate the category and locate the contact people that apply to their particular needs.

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Our Products include SHOPPING JUTE/COTTON BAGS & other Diversified Jute products...



Our Products include SHOPPING JUTE/COTTON BAGS & other Diversified Jute products...


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