Belts are a common clothing accessory, so widely used that most people have one. Formed of a strip of cloth or leather which fastens around the waist, often to support trousers, belts are a fashion item which will always be in demand. With both practical and aesthetic appeal for both men and women, belts come in many shapes, sizes and designs, though the traditionally recognisable design is composed of a black leather strip with a metal buckle or fastener.

Buyers seeking wholesale belts will find a belts manufacturer or belts supplier at These items are always in demand, making a good choice for any clothing shop that wants an accessory that consistently sells. Quite often, a new belt will be bought at the same time as new trousers or a suit to match the outfit. Leather, or fake leather, is the most common belt material, while fabric belts are considered less formal but often more comfortable.

Belts are both decorative and practical, especially when considering a workman’s belt, which is designed to safely contain numerous hand tools. A belts manufacturer will typically produce a range of belt lengths, so that men and women of varying sizes can find a belt that fits their waist correctly. As well as keeping trousers or other clothing in place, they can be found in varying colours and fabrics to correctly suit an outfit or occasion. Being an accessory item, sellers often stock belts on a distinct stand, usually at a point of sale to catch the eye or break up floor space.

Wholesale Belts sell well with other accessories, like watches and brooches. Shops will often position belts with hats and caps and in the case of menswear, ties. They together represent optional clothing, not essential but a part of the wearer’s style.

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