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Embroidery and lace are ancient needle and thread handicrafts and have been used to embellish clothing and accessories. These practices are also popular crafts, though originally they fulfilled a more practical purpose. Embroidering is believed to have originated with the tailoring work of mending and reinforcing cloth with preserved specimens found worldwide. Interestingly, the types of stitching, running stitch, chain stitch, satin stitch, and cross stitch, have not changed over the centuries. The basic embroidering classifications are whether or not the needle and thread pass through the cloth, and whether or not the underlying fabric dictates the placement of the stitches. The Industrial Revolution made embroidery wholesale a reality in Europe and today manufacturers are available on productpilot.com. Initially the foundation cloth was made by machine with the women hand-embroidering the textile.

Lacework differs from embroidering in that lacework is the fabric itself whereas embroidering is applied to fabric. Ancient examples of lace do not exist, perhaps due to the delicacy of the fabric. Lace is reputed to have evolved from other forms of thread and needle crafts so the specifics of the origin are not known. Today, the image of lacy curtains wafting in the breeze is the quintessential representation image of European domesticity. Indeed, wholesale lace is still widely used in domestic settings, and when manufactured in different widths, is recognisable as curtains, tablecloths, and insertions and trims on baby clothing.

Beyond curtains, wholesale lace and embroidery wholesale are also used with textiles that have a formal application, for instance, wedding dresses, evening wear, and some clerical accoutrements. As the popularity of decorative textiles has not diminished over the centuries, wholesale dealers and sellers need business communication networks and reliable partners such as can be found at productpilot.com.

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