Wholesale handkerchiefs and wholesale tissues are fashion accessories that add a personal stamp and style to clothing garments like tailored suits. The most commonly used items in this category include pocket-squares, shaped to double over and discreetly fit inside the front pocket of a suit. Wholesale handkerchiefs are produced with many pattern formations, including paisley, plaid, geometric to name a few, and are made from just as many differing types of yarns and fabrics; cotton, silk linen etc. Traders in a multiplicity of handkerchief types and styles are available using productpilot.com.

While handkerchiefs are primarily used as a fashion accessory, they have a two-fold purpose. Their traditional function found its roots in the 15th century when they were used to protect the face from the sun. Throughout the ages, the handkerchief has been updated and remodelled to suit the tastes of modern man. Designer and luxury hand-made scarves of this kind are very popular choices in the consumer marketplace. They often can be embossed with hand-stitched initials, depict famous caricatures, or be embellished with elaborate portraits and scenes. Hand-painted silken scarves are highly desirable items in this competitive business sector of fashion accessories. This always gives the handkerchief and tissues supplier room to improve on design and expand into new areas of artistic expertise.

Fashion accessories such as watches, walking sticks, brooches, scarves and shawls or umbrellas, perfectly complement the traditional handkerchief. It is an item that the user can wear that makes a personal style stamp. High-end quality handkerchiefs made from fine silk are preferred fashion accessories to be worn at formal events such as wedding celebrations or black-tie functions. At productpilot.com, buyers can remain one step ahead of potential fashion trends with contact to manufacturers in the handkerchief trade.

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