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From sartorial gentlemen to fashion-conscious teenage girls, hats and caps for men, women and children come in a plethora of smart and casual styles. Wholesale hats are an essential fashion accessory and are worn all year round, protecting the wearer against both the cold and the sun.

Fashion retailers with a particular target group benefit from paying close attention to developments in fashion trends. Baseball caps and beanies are perennial favourites of the young. Trucker caps, snapbacks and other styles of caps wholesale from suppliers on productpilot.com are made of cotton, acrylic or a combination of both. Beanies range from a fine knit to chunky, and from polyester to pure cashmere. The presence of a logo by a sports brand, urban streetwear label or cutting-edge designer can significantly increase the appeal of these styles. A caps manufacturer can also add a detail to the bill or brim of the baseball cap to set it apart. Flat caps and berets are popular unisex styles of wholesale hats that utilise traditional materials such as tweed, herringbone and merino wool. Bucket hats can be spotted on any beach in the summer. They fold easily and are ideally suited to protecting children from the sun.

Amongst the smarter wholesale hats available from a caps manufacturer, the fedora and trilby have experienced a renaissance in popularity. Men and women of all ages have adopted this style to add sophistication and glamour to their wardrobe. Wide-brimmed and floppy hats for women are both chic and convey a free-spirited nature. Panama hats and straw hats are both practical and elegant, whilst outback hats are a popular choice for hikers. For weddings and when something special is called for, occasion hats add that all-important finishing touch.

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