Piercing Jewellery

Piercing jewellery is a specific kind of jewellery intended for use in a body piercing. The term "jewellery" refers to any personal ornament, such as a necklace or bracelet, though only certain items of jewellery are suitable for piercings. Piercing is the practice of making a hole in part of the body for the intentional purpose of wearing rings, studs, or jewellery, which in turn is classed as piercing jewellery. Piercings can be in a number of locations on the body, however, the most common place to be pierced is in the ear lobe. As these items of jewellery go through parts of the body, it’s important that manufacturers produce a number of hypoallergenic options. For suppliers of piercing jewellery, productpilot.com ensures business contacts can be made.

Many catalogue companies that sell a wide variety of products will often buy wholesale piercing jewellery, whereas smaller jewellery stores will likely buy more expensive items in smaller quantities that will make buying wholesale piercing jewellery deals infeasible. The most typical kinds of wholesale piercing jewellery are ear rings, often in the form of an intricate design that hang down from the ear lobe and usually embedded with one or more precious stones, such as diamonds. The market for piercing jewellery is very much a luxury one, but it is one with a wide range of prices, with the difference in price between the most expensive and the most inexpensive piercing jewellery being vast. Whether buying piercing jewellery wholesale, running a piercing parlour, or simply being a trader in the piercing jewellery market, it pays to be properly informed. Productpilot.com can help traders with access to all the latest information, updates, and developments from this market.

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