Scarves & Shawls

Scarves are long, thin garments worn around the neck, which can serve both a decorative and practical function. They are mostly worn for warmth, protecting the neck and chest where a coat or hat will not reach. To this end, scarves are commonly made of wool and other thick fabrics, but decorative scarves of cotton or silk are also popular. Shawls perform a similar function but are larger, have a broader shape and cover the arms, shoulders and sometimes the head. Scarves and shawls can be accessories to an outfit, or a central part of it, either way providing an extra layer of warmth.

Traders looking for wholesale scarves will find a scarves manufacturer at with varying options to offer a new business partner. Suppliers of scarves will also often supply shawls wholesale, as these items are popular for similar reasons and often have the same customer market.

A scarves manufacturer will produce wholesale scarves of varying designs and materials, covering the different needs of scarf buyers, such as appearance or warmth. The sale of scarves is seasonal, with more sales occurring in winter months. Similarly, winter months see more sales of thick, woollen scarves as opposed to light scarves. Synthetic materials are also used, especially for lower income markets. Designs can cover popular characters, bold colours and even little accessories, like tassels.

Shawls often enjoy the same range of materials and designs, depending on purpose. Suppliers of winter clothing might consider woollen shawls wholesale. Traders in ethnic goods will also note the popularity of bright, comfortable shawls with fashionable accessories and colours, which are often part of cultural tradition. These items can be marketed alongside other accessories, like tote bags and umbrellas.

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